Who We Are

We care. We promote. We trust. Combining those strengths, we elevate the quality of services to shape our consumers’ vision. We strive to exceed their expectations by collaborating on projects and respecting our commitments.

Our Values


Customer-oriented Results

At Zapproach, we place our clients at the centre of every decision throughout a project. We value your input and respect your requirements. Tell us what challenges you are facing, share the ambitions you aspire for your company’s future, and we will solve your pain points to fulfil your business goals.


Creativity and Innovation

We encourage daily innovative thinking and empower our team to act on their innovations. While we encourage creativity in our business approaches, we also find that a simple solution can be the smartest answer to your business challenges. We promote open communication, so we find opportunities for us to improve as experts.


Diversity and Teamwork

Teamwork is the strength of our company and its steady growth. Every team member in our various departments work interdependently to contribute towards a common mission. Our diversity in thinking, culture, outlook, inspiration and upbringing gets us more perspectives to identify problems and come up with disruptive solutions.

About Us

Zapproach is the technology you need to excel in your business.

  • Customised Services

  • Wide Range of Products/Services

  • Reliable and High Quality

  • Easy, Convenient and Secure

  • Optimal Delivery Time

Contact us to discuss your business needs and expectations; we will analyse your current business and advise you about the best solutions to fit your business goals. We offer a wide range of products and tailor-made services which can be implemented to fulfil your most innovative business ambitions. Our entire team of experts and developers is certified, and we bear personal responsibility for the quality of our services. From developing web and mobile applications, to integrating online payments for your eCommerce business, we offer convenient solutions for you. Once we take on your project, our team works day in and day out to give you optimal results in no time!

Our Skills

A team of high-calibre professionals with over 14 years of experience in the e-commerce field and having worked with 1000+ International Merchants involving more than 100 million online transactions. We understand your needs and customise our solutions for your business needs.


  • Web Application Development

  • Application Development

  • UI/UX Design

  • Responsive Design


  • Flutter

  • React-Native

  • Xamarin

  • Native Development


  • Microsoft Ecosystem

  • Linux Ecosystem

  • Microsoft Azure

  • Amazon AWS

  • CPanel

  • SQL Server

  • MySQL/MariaDB

  • Postgres

  • Cube JS


  • PCI

  • CIS

Our Story So Far

Zapproach Ltd was incorporated. First couple of developers joined the core team.


Start of our local venture and integration with local banks (Bank One, SBM). New successful partnerships with offshore clients. Developed payment gateway and merchant portal for Asian markets.


Diversified our operations in terms of Fintech and eCommerce solutions. Along with increasing our client portfolio in Mauritius, we signed on new projects with African and Asian companies. Developed a secure merchant KYC platform and accommodated payment integrations with MCB and fraud integrations for our clients.


Developed new in-house technology including our Accounting & HR Software and mobile application for both the local and international market. Application of the latest Microsoft frameworks for in-house implementation. We also expanded our array of payment integrations with CARD PAY 3D, CARD PAY BITCOIN, ENETS.


Increased our brand visibility to international clients from all over the world. We also developed of a brand-new merchant portal using latest industry tech. We plan to further expand our range of services including payment integrations with Worldpay and UOB, implementation of dynamic QR Payments and automation of merchant onboarding process.


Our Services

FinTech Consultancy

Our team of FinTech experts fully analyses your business requirements and proposes you tailormade solutions. We provide solutions, strategies, organisational models and essential frameworks.

SME Solutions

Our range of services and software integrations can help an SME in its growth and expansion. We have developed ZACCBOX and ZACCBOX HR as a complete accounting and HR platform for SMEs. It is a reliable software for all daily accounting and HR tasks.

Go Digital

We offer a wide variety of web design and development services for projects regardless of their scale. Our team of designers and developers have the tools take your website to the next level!

ZINSURA (InsurTech)

ZINSURA is a powerful tool to streamline your insurance operations and help you upgrade the current insurance industry model. With multiple features, ZINSURA makes insurers' operations more efficient.


By using cloud computing technology, ZCOMPLI is the answer to manage and enhance your regulatory and compliance processes. This combination of cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence optimises accuracy in crucial regulatory processes.


ZLEARNHUB brings about increased communication, collaboration and overall quality of education through the power of technology. It is an online learning platform giving access to students and professionals to cutting-edge education.