EduTech Tool

Our team developed ZLEARNHUB as a powerhouse for online education and learning platform. By combining the latest technology with an optimal learning experience, we built an EduTech platform to give access to everyone and anyone.

  • Interactive student experience
  • Online tutoring (O-level/A-level)
  • Post-secondary Education
  • Corporate training in numerous fields
  • Cutting-edge courses
  • Accessible virtual classes
  • Study guides and course materials

Empower People through Education

Our goal is to ease access to learning and industry-experts’ knowledge sharing using technology at low cost and empower the population’s growth. We want to offer more opportunities for flexibility, interaction and collaboration contrary to face-to-face learning environments.


Leverage the Power of Technology

ZLEARNHUB is your online education partner where students and employees can access cutting-edge, internationally acclaimed education and training at affordable costs. We are leveraging the power of technology to make education more interactive and customisable to learners.